Calling your husband by name for the first time


This needull is very close to home. My mother and many other women in India have never called their husband by name. But, things are changing.


When speaking to us children, she always referred to him as “babuji” – the Hindi word for “father” that we used. When addressing him directly, she always said “Hey ho”, which means roughly “Hey you”.

As teenagers when we became aware of the fact, we made fun of her. We tried to trick her into saying his name just once. But she never did.

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Geeta Pandey — BBC Magazine

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4 thoughts on “Calling your husband by name for the first time

  1. Wow, ‘Hey You” to me is very disrespectful, rude even. if someone called me in that manner, I would at first have a look around to see if they might be calling someone else, and if I was the only person present I would probably ignore them. Should they call again, I ask, “Who do you think your calling You, you has a title, a name, anyway the point I am making is if some want to attract my attention with a ‘Hey You’, I would be offended! Hope the change happens soon! Take care,

  2. Actually the English translation ‘hey you ‘ is not very accurate. The way they call their husband does not sound disrespectful in the Indian languages

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