Psychotherapists in Mental Health


Today, I came across rarest of articles which highlight the role of psychologists in mental health in India. Psychologists though important link in the treatment of mental health issues globally, seem to stay in the background very often in India. People still confuse psychologists with psychiatrists, even when their roles vary within mental health. This article seems to throw more light on how psychotherapy as profession is gaining visibility. The article also suggests approaching good quality psycho-therapist and not to pick one that “Google throws first”. The article overall reflects increase in awareness of mental health issues but also brings to light long standing issue of stigma.

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Jerry Pinto — The Hindustan Times

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Women Who Don’t Have Children

Having children is perceived as the major role for any female born on earth. This notion, probably, runs the strongest in human species. Women who biologically defy this natural role, are subjected to extreme form of criticism, to an extent of being abandoned. The personal choice of becoming a mother or not rarely exists.

However, in recent years, the world is becoming more receptive to the idea of letting woman be the person they wish to be, beyond their capacity and decision to be a mother. Today’s needull introduces online group Not about Kids. The group offers non judgmental platform for women, who choose to opt out of motherhood for various reasons.

NAK: A Community for Women Who Don’t Have Children

The Surprising Benefit Of Going Through Hard Times

Stress was proposed as detrimental to growth in the history of Psychology. Professionals would talk about ways to manage stress; otherwise it would exacerbate clinical conditions like depression and anxiety. Recently, in last 10-15 years a new group of psychologists who name themselves as Positive psychologists has been propagating how stress could be a major catalyst in growth.  Following article explores the growth that happens following a trauma or loss or stress.

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The Huffington Post Carolyn Gregoire