Survey breaks down researcher openness by discipline

Mathematicians and social scientists are the most likely to disclose results with others before publication.

The team found that the tendency to disclose before publication was not associated with the scientists’ gender or age, but with the specific field they worked in. Factors such as competition for funding and commercial relevance of the research explained most of the differences in sharing attitudes. Mathematicians tend to disclose more before publication because they view themselves as being in a fairly non-competitive environment, says Jerry Thursby. By contrast, biomedical scientists perceive their field as competitive, and are less likely to disclose.

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Giorgia Guglielmi — Nature

Bach at the Burger King


Classical music being used to repel people!

Empty streets, however, are the target audience for this concert. The playlist has been selected to repel sidewalk listeners — specifically, the mid-Market homeless who once congregated outside the restaurant doors that served as a neighborhood hub for the indigent. Outside the BART escalator, an encampment of grocery carts, sleeping bags, and plastic tarmacs had evolved into a sidewalk shantytown attracting throngs of squatters and street denizens. “There used to be a mob that would hang out there,” remarked local resident David Allen, “and now there may be just one or two people.” When I passed the corner, the only sign of life I found was a trembling woman crouched on the pavement, head in hand, as classical harpsichord besieged her ears.

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Theodore Gioia — Los Angeles Review of Books

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A look at the role of media.

One of the key moments in media coverage of child abuse in the UK came in October 1986 with the broadcast of a major BBC programme, Childwatch (Kitzinger, 2004: 35, Parton 1991: 91). The Childwatch programme was accompanied by a remarkable expansion in attention to child abuse, particularly sexual abuse, from other TV formats as well as the print media. Reporting of sexual abuse in The Times newspaper, for example, increased by 300 per cent between 1985 and 1987 (Kitzinger 2004). Moreover sexual abuse within families became the subject of a number of flagship UK documentary series, including Brass Tacks (BBC2 1987), Everyman (BBC1 1988) Antenna (BBC1 1989), and Horizon (BB2 1989). Kitzinger (2004:36) has also noted the importance of fictional genre in highlighting this issue. By the early 1990s child sexual abuse had begun to appear in British and American drama series and became the subject of ‘true crime’ features. It also featured in soap operas, most notably Brookside (Channel 4) which ran a two-year storyline on a family traumatised by an abusive father.

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Fred Powell and Margaret Scanlon — Discover Society

The Least Stressful Way to Get Rid of Stress


Tons of products and treatments in the wellness category seek to treat stress and inflammation with everything from relaxing massage to acupuncture to restrictive anti-inflammatory diets. But in doing so, it’s easy to fall into fear-based marketing. What happens when I can’t follow a restrictive anti-inflammatory diet? Once, when I asked a paragon of alternative health this very question, she shrugged, “You don’t really have a choice.” Cortisol shot up my spine like a geyser.

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Brennan Kilbane — GQ

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Where’s the Value? An Inside Look at Walmart’s Flipkart Deal


Now, that the storm has settled a bit, a deeper analysis of the mega deal.

The big takeaway from the present deal is that deep pockets win. This is a maxim that has been demonstrated over and over again, especially in B2C technology plays. A certain disdain for capital efficiency, a focus on gaining share and a relentless focus on killing competition define today’s leading companies. Flipkart would have been in the news for very different reasons had it not been for the timely fund infusion by SoftBank in 2017. Growth had stalled, the annual burn was high and unit economics were unsustainable. And yet, as part of the strategy of Lee Fixel of Tiger Global and Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Flipkart doubled down on not ceding market share to Amazon, whatever the capital burn. This in turn caught Softbank’s eye (whose earlier investment in Snapdeal was not working to its expectations).

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Rajat Kumar — Knowledge@Wharton

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The Surprisingly Intolerant History of Milk


But even with these deep cultural connections, milk held a peculiar status among early civilizations. The Greeks castigated barbarians for their gluttonous desire for dairy, and in Rome, milk was widely regarded as low-status food because it was something only farmers drank. Northern Europeans would earn similar ridicule for their love of reindeer milk, and Japanese Buddhists later rebuked Europeans as “butter stinkers.”

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Daniel Fernandez — Smithsonian

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Mandy, review: Horrible and ludicrous, this is an all-time-great Nicolas Cage wig-out


Nicholas Cage is an interesting actor. When you least expect of him, he comes up with a winner.

Equal parts supernatural splatter horror and hypnotic gallery installation, Mandy unfolds in a doom-laden narcosis that is not quite like anything else around, although there are cinematic reference points everywhere, including musky top notes of Lars von Trier’s Antichrist, Nicolas Winding Refn’s Valhalla Rising, Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy, and the fluorescing giallo horror of Dario Argento. It often looks like an Iron Maiden album cover cartoon come to life – and there are three brief animated dream sequences which owe a stylistic debt to Heavy Metal, the science fiction magazine.

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Robbie Collin — The Telegraph

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