The urban epidemic – loneliness.

That people are feeling lonely in today’s world seems ironical. We are better ‘connected’ than ever—at least on social media. Today, one gets the instant gratification of sharing something with others and watching the ‘likes’ and comments come in. Duke University psychologist Jenna Clark and her team have pointed at the superficiality of what they call ‘social snacking’, where one browses the Facebook timelines of other people for a sense of belonging. “Social media just gives the appearance of intimacy,” says Dr Vishal Sawant, a Mumbai-based psychiatrist. “A few years ago, if we got bored in a place like Mumbai, we would go call a friend. But now we open our laptops. Something has got to give.”

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Rahul Pandita & Lhendup G Bhutia — OPEN

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3 thoughts on “Lonely

  1. Interesting, and also the comments after it. What we need is a definition of loneliness. I’m not sure what the authors of this, and other articles ever explain. They say what it’s not, (being alone), but never what it is that I’ve seen.
    I think that people expect too much these days, and life is increasingly difficult. Part of the problem, as I see it, is that many people just can’t cope with the increasingly complex lifestyles we have to live.

  2. Your comments are always insightful. It is difficult to understand loneliness and depression. Is it biological or is it society dependent, or both?

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