Office Space Time Loop: From Open Plans to Cubicle Farms and Back Again


Do you sit in a cubicle or in an open space?

As Nelson foresaw, Action Office II cubicles went on to become a commercial success and its systems were widely imitated by other companies. Along the way, though, much of the optimism and modular vision was lost. Today’s “cubicle farms” are often static, cramped and the subject of derision in popular media (including Office Space and The Matrix). Herman Miller stills sells a variety of Action Office systems, some of which look quite elegant and functional, but the associations they conjure have changed a lot over the decades.

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Kurt Kohlstedt — 99% Invisible

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One thought on “Office Space Time Loop: From Open Plans to Cubicle Farms and Back Again

  1. Seems like in many ways we’re just pendulums, swinging from one extreme to the next. I remember reading how the original creation of Superman represented a desire for heroes that were simply “good”, while Marvel’s X-Men were born in a time where years of “simple” and “good” left audiences hungry for imperfect heroes, with complex issues.
    Funny how we tend to swing so hard in whatever direction we’re going. Maybe the reality is we just crave change, but at the same time need that change to be stable. Where something truly new would carry the risk of being disastrous, a re-new is much safer.

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