This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon Valley


Ellen Pao shares in detail her side of the story showing how sexism works in Silicon Valley.

In retrospect, the most painful part of the trial was being cross-examined by Kleiner’s lawyer. At one point, she claimed I’d never invested in a woman’s company. “You’ve never done anything for women, have you?” she said snidely. I’d been instructed by my lawyers not to respond to comments like that, because it might open me up to more criticism — jurors could find me difficult or aggressive, the very things Kleiner was trying so hard to portray me as in court. I ended up coming across as distant, even a bit robotic, as I tried to keep my answers noncombative. But it hurt to leave that one unchallenged. It was patently false. At Kleiner, I helped drive investments in six women founders. A few months after I was fired by Kleiner, I invested in ten companies with my own money; five had women CEOs. But I didn’t say any of that. I just sat there.

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One thought on “This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon Valley

  1. I remember all of this happening. I was even a moderator for a tech site and the gamer(gate) fiasco was going on about the same time maybe earlier. My views of women in technology were always in their favor which got me a lifetime ban from a site I had been an active member for over 8 years. After witnessing grown men act so childish towards women, most of who are far more superior intellectually and technologically than these man-children, I was O.K. with never returning to the tech community.

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