The Most Interesting Man in the World


Stay thirsty, my friends. Today’s needull is about Jonathan Goldsmith who featured in the Dos Equis ads as the most interesting man in the world. His real life is also very interesting.

He was asked to tell the auditioners about his life, and, Lamas’ example firmly in mind, he regaled them with a tale of how he had been seducing women from a young age. He told how, as a hunter, he happened upon a village of ladies doing laundry by a river, and how he “f–ked them all.” His audition story got wilder from there, ending with Castro challenging him to a duel after he slept with the women in the leader’s life. As exaggerated tales go, it was a howler, and it left the casting people in hysterics.

By the end of the day, Goldsmith was officially The Most Interesting Man in the World.

The complete article

New York Post — Larry Getlen

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