Minorities Who ‘Whiten’ Job Resumes Get More Interviews

They found minorities were half as likely to whiten their resumes when applying for jobs with employers who said they care about diversity. One black student explained in an interview that with each resume she sent out, she weighed whether to include her involvement in a black student organization: “If the employer is known for like trying to employ more people of color and having like a diversity outreach program, then I would include it because in that sense they’re trying to broaden their employees, but if they’re not actively trying to reach out to other people of other races, then no, I wouldn’t include it.”

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Why Employers Favor Men


The researchers wanted to take a closer look at the source of this gender divide, so they used online experiments to probe two types of gender discrimination:

  • Statistical discrimination, which is rooted in beliefs about average gender differences in abilities or skills.

  • Taste-based discrimination, which is driven by stereotypes, favoritism for one group, and a bias against another group.

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