Is trauma handed down through generations?


The results are not entirely clear. There are studies which do find negative impacts – that the children of holocaust survivors, for example, can experience emotional problems of their own, difficulties in relationships, in the way they function. Researchers in Northern Ireland concluded that the transmission of trauma to children of victims of the Troubles made them more prone to developing toxic stress in childhood. But some research has ended up in an entirely different place, finding that trauma in a parents’ life can lead to higher resilience in children. And yet more studies have concluded that there is no clear effect whatsoever.

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Bibi van der Zee — The Guardian

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The Surprising Benefit Of Going Through Hard Times

Stress was proposed as detrimental to growth in the history of Psychology. Professionals would talk about ways to manage stress; otherwise it would exacerbate clinical conditions like depression and anxiety. Recently, in last 10-15 years a new group of psychologists who name themselves as Positive psychologists has been propagating how stress could be a major catalyst in growth.  Following article explores the growth that happens following a trauma or loss or stress.

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