Understanding the Origins of the Pulwama Attack Inside Pakistan

Views from Pakistan.

If one is to go with what Pakistan’s foreign minister said recently then clearly there are elements in Pakistan that are acting on their own and are not in the state’s control. It’s undeniable that JeM leadership is based in Pakistan’s Punjab province and the Pulwama suicide bombing was claimed by the group. While JeM remains a banned group in Pakistan, the group’s leadership is not necessarily isolated in Pakistan when it comes to the outfits movement and networking in the country. While Islamabad has officially condemned the attack on Indian forces, New Delhi clearly blames Pakistan for the attack. If Pakistan’s government and military leadership are serious about improving ties with India, then some sort of action against the leadership of the JeM has to take place in Pakistan.

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Umair Jamal — The Diplomat

Where Are the Bengalis in London’s Banglatown?


The world keeps changing.

“We can’t blame to our next generation as they didn’t directly came from Bangladesh; rather they were born and brought up here as British citizens. So they might have different views than us about taking care of Brick Lane’s Bengali character. Maybe they don’t want to it see it destroyed but neither do they want to invest valuable time and energy here,” he added.

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Shakil Bin Mushtaq — The Diplomat

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