On Good & Evil


Swami Vivekananda’s views,

Good and evil are inextricably combined, and one cannot be had without the other. The sum total of energy in this universe is like a lake, every wave inevitably leads to a corresponding depression. The sum total is absolutely the same; so to make one man happy is to make another unhappy. External happiness is material and the supply is fixed; so that not one grain can be had by one person without taking from another. Only bliss beyond the material world can be had without loss to any. Material happiness is but a transformation of material sorrow.

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From far off India

Imagine yourself  as an Indian going to the USA some 120 years ago. Most Americans would never have seen someone from India. And after reaching there, you dare to criticize their religion and their society on their face. Even today, most people would not dare do this. Just think of the amount of courage and faith in yourself required.

Today’s needull is a newspaper report from 1894 on Swami Vivekananda. The reporter hasn’t even spelled his name correctly and does not know the difference between Hinduism and Buddhism. More than half the report marvels at Swamiji’s appearance and grammatically correct English.

The newspaper report

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