When Being Healthy Is Unhealthy


Perhaps the biggest flaw—and defining power—of such tag lines as “strong is the new skinny” is that they still put the focus on appearance as opposed to achievement. Research suggests that women are no more satisfied with their bodies today than they were in past decades; meanwhile, a fixation on fitness driven by unachievable standards keeps women trapped in their own dissatisfaction, robbing them of time and energy.

The idea that women are “weak” or “fragile” is deeply rooted in sexism, and while notable feminist writers argue that we should challenge these notions, Martin Ginis says it’s also important to challenge the idea that we’re all supposed to be one thing: some people are fit, some are thin, some are fat—and that’s okay, because strong is not the new skinny. Strength can’t be built by posting an Instagram selfie or by parading around in a T-shirt with a catchy motto.

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Nicole Schmidt — The Walrus

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