Are you in Love with your Phone?

Are you even aware how many times you end up checking your phone in an average day? Do phubbing and technoference words sound alien to you? Are you up for a quiz of 15 questions which would throw up startling results for you related to your beloved phone.
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Practice phone etiquette. If you must look at your phone, announce that you are doing so. “I am just checking the score/weather/playlist for two minutes,” shows courtesy and indicates to your partner that you are aware that your attention is shifting. It may also make you more aware of how often you pick up your phone when your partner is present.

If your partner’s job demands round-the-clock availability, discuss reasonable boundaries that would satisfy both the job and you.

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LESLEY ALDERMAN – The New York Times

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Anxiety and surveillance: pillars of the new economy


Do you feel the need to check your smartphone updates the moment you wake up? Today’s needull explains how the compulsion-fueled business model is driving the new economy.

While surveillance capitalism taps the invasive powers of the Internet as the source of capital formation and wealth creation, it is now, as I have suggested, poised to transform commercial practice across the real world too.  An analogy is the rapid spread of mass production and administration throughout the industrialized world in the early twentieth century, but with one major caveat. Mass production was interdependent with its populations who were its consumers and employees. In contrast, surveillance capitalism preys on dependent populations who are neither its consumers nor its employees and are largely ignorant of its procedures.

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