Don’t think too positive


A good weekend read. With all the self-help books and articles floating around, this needull offers a different perspective. The writer says that when we achieve our goals in our mind, we put less effort in actually achieving that goal. The writers also offer their own framework which they believe works better than all out positive thinking.

Now comes the more challenging part. What obstacle in you prevents you from fulfilling this objective? Look inward and be honest with yourself – leave behind your excuses. Are you willing to put in the grueling hours necessary for such a promotion at work? Do you have the courage to ask an attractive and accomplished person to be your partner? This search for the critical obstacle can be an emotionally fraught part of the process, because we infrequently choose to confront unpleasant experiences so directly and honestly. Still, find your inner obstacle and then let the images about its occurrence flow freely through your mind.

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The Surprising Benefit Of Going Through Hard Times

Stress was proposed as detrimental to growth in the history of Psychology. Professionals would talk about ways to manage stress; otherwise it would exacerbate clinical conditions like depression and anxiety. Recently, in last 10-15 years a new group of psychologists who name themselves as Positive psychologists has been propagating how stress could be a major catalyst in growth.  Following article explores the growth that happens following a trauma or loss or stress.

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