Elon Musk’s Wild Plan to Set Artificial Intelligence Free


Today’s needull looks at OpenAI, an initiative to push the limits of AI. The project is unique in the sense that it does not restrict access to artificial intelligence. It is given that AI is going to be a substantial part of our lives in foreseeable future and OpenAI like Musk’s other ground breaking efforts might be well be first among equals.

That’s the irony at the heart of this story: even as the world’s biggest tech companies try to hold onto their researchers with the same fierceness that NFL teams try to hold onto their star quarterbacks, the researchers themselves just want to share. In the rarefied world of AI research, the brightest minds aren’t driven by—or at least not only by—the next product cycle or profit margin. They want to make AI better, and making AI better doesn’t happen when you keep your latest findings to yourself.

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