When Your Name Doesn’t Feel Like You

Do you feel your name is apt for you?

The explanation that the study authors offered for their results echoes Alter’s point: In most cases, a name is “a self-fulfilling prophecy,” explains co-author Yonat Zwebner, a marketing researcher at Wharton. “Your parents and society treat you according to the spirit of your name, and then you grow up and you fulfill those expectations, eventually even the way you look.” In the study, Zwebner and her colleagues attributed their “face-name matching effect” to both factors within the person’s control, like hairstyle, and factors created by life experience, like smile lines.

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Name and The-Some- Controversy (Indonesian case)


Name is something given to identify someone, and differentiate him or her from the others. Name is also parents’ pray and hope symbol for their child. In many countries, most people have given name (or Christian name), middle name or surname. But sometimes only given names and surnames.

Do you have surnames? If I ask foreigners, they will answer -mostly- yes. But, most Indonesians have no surnames or if they have got two names, it doesn’t mean the last name is their family name.

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