Ending a marriage, with grace and respect


This is not easy.

A year later, when I follow up with Jade, she emphasizes how the ritual of uncoupling helped her to see the writing on the wall. “At first I thought it was a little New Age-y, but I was also proud to be doing it and even shared it with some friends. We were doing something right, despite all the wrong that had come before. I often wondered, How is he going to leave? Is he just one day going to wake up, say, ‘Okay, bye,’ and walk out the door? The separation ceremony put an end to my ruminations. I desperately needed a way to help me accept that he loved another woman and it was really over.”

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The Marriage Decision

Just married couple, holding hands and walking in nature

After a long time, a new article on Wait but Why. Tim Urban looks at the concept of marriage and relationship in his own unique and insightful style.

What kind of marriage would that be, and what adventures lie down that road? Maybe your life on that road would be much happier than whatever’s in that house on the other side, and maybe your current partner would end up happier somewhere else too. Or maybe you’d look back and realize that you made the biggest mistake of your life. Without knowing anything about that other path, there’s no way to compare it to the house on the other side. Again, no real evidence.

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Wait but Why — Tim Urban

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On Marrying the Wrong Person

Today’s needull tries to explain why we marry the wrong person.

  1. We don’t understand ourselves

  2. We don’t understand other people

  3. We aren’t used to being happy

  4. Being single is so awful

  5. Instinct has too much prestige

  6. We don’t go to Schools of Love

  7. We want to freeze happiness

  8. We believe we are special

  9. We want to stop thinking about Love

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