Portman, in All Her Glory, Transforms Into Kennedy, in All Her Pain


Natalie Portman plays Jackie Kennedy in the movie “Jackie”. This is more of a preview. The movie and Natalie Portman look good.

Well, I didn’t have the right comeback at the time, which was, obviously: “Don’t be ridiculous, Natalie Portman is the Jewish Jackie Kennedy.” Because at last, here we are, on the cusp of release of the new biopic, Jackie, starring Queen Natalie as the most iconic first lady of all time, living through the aftermath of her husband’s assassination. The first trailer just came out, and let me tell you: It’s got everything. The pink suit. The widow’s black veil. The blood running off her back in the shower. And intoning over it all, Richard Burton’s funereal lament from the end of the Broadway show Camelot, to which the Kennedy administration was famously compared.

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