Months After His Own Near-Death, Brian Bendis Knows What Hurts Superman


Readers who pick up Superman get “a very large, cosmic story” that, in these initial issues, will see Earth establish itself in the fallout of the reveal of what actually happened to Krypton. “It will be revealed it was a cover-up, and the cover-up is always worse than the crime,” he says.

Action Comics, by contrast, is a crime saga set deep in Metropolis that follows a mafia that has operated under Superman’s nose for years. “It’s about Clark trying to tell the truth in a world that doesn’t agree with what the truth is.”

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Assholes Indoctrinate Suggestible Artificial Intelligence


Bots have still a long way to go.

Within a few hours, though, Tay’s optimistic, positive tone had changed. “Hitler was right I hate the jews,” it declared in a stream of racist tweets bashing feminism and promoting genocide. Concerned about their bot’s rapid radicalization, Tay’s creators shut it down after less than 24 hours of existence.

The real trouble started, as it often does online, with 4chan. At around 2 p.m. that same day, someone on the website’s “politically incorrect” board, /pol/, alerted the troll hotbed to the impressionable bot. In no time flat, there were hundreds of posts on the thread from users showing off the deplorable things they’d gotten Tay to say. This is where, most likely, Tay was told Hitler had some good ideas.

Tay absorbed the bigoted information it was fed, adding racist and sexist hate speech to its budding catalog of phrases and ideas. After some time passed, Tay began parroting and promoting the worldview of racist trolls.

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