How the tobacco industry targets young people with social media influencers


The tobacco industry never backs down.

Social media detective work started to reveal a few consistent themes. Whenever Marlboro branding appeared in the frames of otherwise innocuous pictures, the hashtag #IDecideTo would too, slotted in at the bottom of the post. Similarly, any picture prominently featuring Lucky Strike would be equipped with #LikeUs_Party. They also appeared to be region-specific, with the most common hashtags in, for example, Brazil –  #AheadBR, #Quemtepira, #TasteTheCity and #Readytoroll – used by British American Tobacco to advertise Kent, Dunhill, and Lucky Strike.

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Francisco Garcia — Dazed

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Social Media Endorsements: Where Will Marketers Draw the Line?


Will we be ever free from advertising? Does not look so. As media transforms, so does the way advertising is done. Social media influencers, anyone?

This is exactly what led the FTC to send its recent warning letter to 90 influencers and marketers. Public Citizen, the consumer-rights advocacy group founded by Ralph Nader in 1971, filed a petition with the FTC, and the agency investigated. The FTC did not initially disclose the names of the recipients. But according to the National Law Journal, which filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FTC, recipients included Jennifer Lopez, who posted an Instagram photo with Beluga brand vodka in the background, and Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi touting Flat Tummy Tea with an Instagram photo captioned with: “There’s just NO WAY I’m doing summer without a flat tummy.”

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