Not by Taste Alone – The flavor of food is produced by all of the senses


Today’s needull is a book review. Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating by Charles Spence; Viking

Chapter after chapter, Spence runs through our primary senses, providing food for thought all along the way. Have you ever wondered why some fine-dining chefs serve an entrée with a side dish of pure aroma, such as the pheasant at Alinea in Chicago, which comes atop a bowl that wafts scents of hay, apples, and cinnamon? It’s not because we mostly “taste” through our nose. It’s because our sense of smell is closely tied to memory and emotion. With his pheasant, Alinea chef Grant Achatz is feeding our nostalgia as much as our hunger, hoping our associations with fall are warm enough to intensify our feelings toward his dish.

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Tim Carman  — The American Scholar

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