We should teach the children Ethics: because our emotions fluctuate but ethics stabilise our interaction with nature and with other humans. We should teach them that there are different approaches to ethics but oppressive ethics are unethical for they defeat the purpose of ethics. That ethics should never be a basis for discrimination or it becomes a tool of evil. That the only worthy ethics are those that value the humane and unite human values. We should teach the children that religion is different from ethic; that the religious is not always ethical, and the ethical is not always religious. That religion is a choice but ethic is a responsibility towards society. That these two should not be conflated otherwise society will crumble into cruel hierarchies and destructive segregations.

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Ayo Sogunro

Universities: Disruption Is Coming

University Of Birmingham Hold Degree Congregations

Do we need University degrees to succeed in these times? Google announced it is hiring employees without college degrees, and Ernst & Young made a similar decision in the U.K. last fall. Time for a discussion, it seems. Thanks Sonika for sending the link.

Think about it: Which is more indispensable to you in your job — your university education or the university you have in your pocket, your smartphone?

American universities need to change. The current $1.2 trillion in student loan debt is crushing graduates. Total student loan balances have tripled since 2003 and are the second-largest category of borrowing after mortgages. If major employers like Google and Ernst & Young see less need for a college degree, and if other big companies follow suit, then students are paying an exorbitant price for a product of decreasing value.

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Jim Clifton — Gallup

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