Conflict of Pinterest

IN 2015, PINTEREST—allegedly the kinder, nicer tech company—partnered with the consultancy Paradigm to increase diversity in the company, whose workforce remains only 4 percent Black. Yet even as the usual platitudes about diversity and inclusion and bringing change to the boys’ club that is the tech world were being mouthed on the outside, inside the company, a different and racist reality prevailed. According to a report in the Washington Post, a Black female employee, the only one on her team, was told by a white supervisor not to speak during meetings, after which the supervisor took credit for her work. Another executive “joked” that she should play the “servant” and “serve” the other members of the team.

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Rafia Zakaria — The Baffler

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One thought on “Conflict of Pinterest

  1. Good grief! This is really sad news. I thought tech was starting to develop a conscious with some morality. Very disappointing. Thanks for making us aware that there is still lots of work ahead in bringing these clowns into the 21st century.

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