The Right Way to Complain at a Restaurant


Good restaurateurs want to know when something goes wrong as soon as possible — while the diner is still in the restaurant, ideally — so they can fix it, and avoid a complaint in the future (or in the age of social media, a complaint that goes directly onto Yelp). For people who are used to communicating via email and text, speaking up about a cold plate of risotto can be somewhat anxiety-inducing. According to a recent survey by restaurant consulting group Technomic, 52 percent of millennials are uncomfortable sending food backat a restaurant (by comparison, 61 percent of people over 55 are comfortable doing so). They shouldn’t be! Restaurants want you to have a good experience! Hospitality is their business, and they want you to leave happy — and hopefully, come back again.

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Whitney Filloon — Eater

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One thought on “The Right Way to Complain at a Restaurant

  1. Visitar un restaurante parece ser una actividad redundante en un mundo en el que se pueden pedir alimentos a través del teléfono y las tiendas de comestibles en línea pueden ofrecer comida envasada pre cocido de todo el mundo a Su puerta.

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