Most Men Don’t Realize They’re Depressed


“Men are more likely to externalize their symptoms, so depression can come out as anger rather than sadness, making it less likely to be diagnosed as such,” says Michaelis. In fact, depressed men are more likely to feel angry and aggressive, exhibit more risky behavior, and more likely to turn to substance abuse than women, according to a study published in JAMA Psychiatry. Alcohol isn’t the only mechanism, either. Men more often use tools like drugs, abuse, inappropriate sex, or gambling to attempt to control their feelings or quell their anxiety, Michaelis adds.

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Rachael Schultz — Men’s Journal

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6 thoughts on “Most Men Don’t Realize They’re Depressed

  1. What’s really troubling is how common depression and anxiety are, and yet we only worry about treating the individual, not the societal problems breeding it.

  2. A good idea in general, well I would add that “burn out”(exhaustion depression) is a typical social rooted disease of nowadays, but melancholy is existing since eons and usually depends on specific individual patterns which sometimes can not be healed. It is like diabetes also a dysfunctionality of hormones (especially Serotonin and Dopamin). So an individual treatment is essential in order to avoid for example suicide, misuse of alcohol or drugs, etc. Waiting for a global change won’t help the concerned people like me.

  3. True. There is an individual element to it. I completely agree. Hope people figure out their depression in time and seek help. Thank you for visiting.

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