Why atheists are true believers too


He makes this point again and again. These modern atheists’ view of the world is “inherited” from Christianity. Their belief in progress is “a secular avatar of a religious idea of redemption”. Jacobinism and Bolshevism were “channels” for the millenarian myths of Christianity. Bolshevism was in a “lineage” going back to medieval millenarianism. The apocalyptic myths of radical Christian movements “renewed themselves” in secular, political forms.

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Noel Malcolm — New Statesman

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3 thoughts on “Why atheists are true believers too

  1. We humans make of everything a religion, I don’t know if that is sad or…….

  2. Good ideas are kept and the bad ones get chucked. The question is, out of Christianity, how many good ideas where inherited and unique to Christianity, and how many are not. Wait am I typing this on the sabbath? Bring out the stones!

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