10 Conflicts to Watch in 2018


The world being so interconnected, any conflict in any part of the world has massive repercussion.

The most ominous threats in 2018 — nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula and a spiraling confrontation pitting the United States and its allies against Iran — could both be aggravated by Trump’s actions, inactions, and idiosyncrasies. U.S. demands (in the North Korean case, denuclearization; in Iran’s, unilateral renegotiation of the nuclear deal or Tehran’s regional retreat) are unrealistic without serious diplomatic engagement or reciprocal concessions. In the former, Washington could face the prospect of provoking a nuclear war in order to avoid one, and in the latter, there is the possibility of jeopardizing a nuclear deal that is succeeding for the sake of a confrontation with Iran that almost certainly will not.

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Robert Malley — Foreign Policy

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3 thoughts on “10 Conflicts to Watch in 2018

  1. An interesting, but scary post. Mind you, the world has been scary before. I remember the fear of nuclear war in the 60s during the cold war. Then there was the terrorism of the Basque separatists, the IRA, the Red Brigade etc.

    We’ve just come through a relatively peaceful phase in World history. I was hoping the world leaders had come to their senses and would no longer look to fight, but it looks as though my hopes were unfounded. And as weapons become more and more destructive, it becomes all the more worrying for life on our planet.

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