What I learned when naked pictures of me were leaked online

The sad thing about these privacy breaches is that your pictures and other private information linger on the web forever.

It is hard to describe my feelings in the moment I found out that boys were showing my pictures around my old school. I felt exposed and – a feeling I’ll never forget – disgusted with myself. In the days that followed, I remember feeling so helpless that I could not function. My older sister had to take care of me, reminding me to eat and holding me when I randomly burst into panicked tears. It felt like a break-up, but instead of a broken heart, there was only shattered self-worth.

The complete article

Sophia Ankel — The Guardian

4 thoughts on “What I learned when naked pictures of me were leaked online

  1. Interesting, and a sad story. We must all be aware of what might happen to the things we post in the net. After all, it is hard if not impossible to police. I feel really sorry for Sophia. It must have been a devastating experience.

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