Should you feel guilty about doing nothing? Or just appreciate the beauty of it.

To a culture of productivity, unscheduled time is a cardinal sin. Idle time is discouraged because it is often collapsed with laziness. We fear that stillness indicates stagnation, as if inaction is an opportunity cost to possible joy or success. We fear silence most of all, believing it signifies emptiness, and we rush to fill it with stimulation and communication, publicly cataloging our thoughts and memories as evidence that we are alive. But there is value in unoccupied time, empty space, and silence. Doing things without a purpose gives us a chance to consider the purposes of things around us.

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Julien Baker — Oxford American

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3 thoughts on “DOING NOTHING

  1. Excellent writing to generate internal thoughts about activity versus inactivity. I do feel guilty many times if I just pause to do nothing. It seems life continues to accelerate and we want to fill every moment with something. When I look at social media I feel compelled to comment on everything and that’s just not possible. Then I feel guilty if I commented on one post and not on another. I have also neglected writing additional posts in my blog in order to read other blogs and comment on them. Somewhere there is that right balance. One thing for certain, we all have 24 hours a day worldwide.

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