Stephen Hawking’s advice for a fulfilling career


“Work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it.”

Last month, the American Psychological Association published an article that synthesised findings on this topic that stretch back as far as 1993. Research from Harvard professor Teresa Amabile found that “no matter the size of a goal – whether curing cancer or helping a colleague – having a sense of meaning and feeling a sense of progress can contribute to happiness in the workplace.”

But finding work with purpose can be hard for many.

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Bryan Lufkin — BBC

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3 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking’s advice for a fulfilling career

  1. I’ve definitely known some who are so certain that “What I love can’t be turned into a profession”. For my part, I think part of the challenge is how “the day job” severely curtails time and energy we can spend on finding and working towards a job that engages our personal passions. Not to say we can’t, but it can be a long road.

  2. Looks like we are in the same boat. Needull is one passion for me. Trying to keep it alive and running sharing articles after office hours. It is difficult.

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