Nomadic utopia: will Dubai’s many worlds ever find a common cultural identity?


I have just finished reading “Sapiens”. It is interesting to see how fast human society is changing. Today’s generation is much more mobile compared to the past generation. There are many who would have stayed in 3-4 countries before they turned 30. How are these ever moving expats contributing to creation of a common culture in global cities like Dubai?

But what about third-culture attitudes to nationality and “home”? Do the children of Dubai think of it as home?

“I come from a really small rural area in Scotland,” Williamson says. “When I speak about home, I know exactly what home is. But I don’t think third-culture children recognize home like I do.”

He describes how some of his pupils say they come from “England,” but when pressed to specify where in England, they have no response.

“Their parents probably left home when they were two or three, and that child, in a fascinating way, doesn’t feel overly attached to any country. For them, home is wherever they are. You have to make the moment you are in real, and strong, and stable. Home is Dubai now, but home might be Singapore next.”

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Sukriti Yadava — New Statesman

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