Invisible Labors


We rarely think about the clothes we wear. These days ‘behind the scenes’ of everything we use in our daily life seems heartbreaking – clothes, food, transport ..

A knottier and more implicating exchange occurs toward the last segment: out on the streets, as the camera pans across a large circle of men glowering at the camera, one of them pointedly asks the off-camera crew about their own motivations: “Why have you come here? We are presenting our problems to you… Why don’t you do something about it? [You will] leave after listening to us, just as the ministers do.”

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Kanishka Raja — BOMB

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3 thoughts on “Invisible Labors

  1. How long until all humans have equal rights, equal opportunities and equal standing in the eyes of the world, until man no longer exploits his fellow man? I wonder.

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