Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?


One of the most re-watched movies of all time.

“McTiernan did want to emphasize the iconography of Christmas, so he and (Director of Photography) Jan de Bont made sure to capture background lights, small Christmas trees in the 9-1-1 control room, and the Christmas packaging tape which became key in the film’s climax,” continues Larry, “More importantly for McTiernan, he wanted the characters and the music to carry the Yuletide tone through. He made sure composer Michael Kamen sprinkled jingling bells and brief hints of Christmas songs within his tense score. It’s all a way for him to make Christmas the canvas for his action movie.”

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4 thoughts on “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

  1. I had this same question when I watched it again a few days ago. It is a movie I have enjoyed watching over and over again. I guess the question came to my mind as I pondered over the series of hard events the hero John McCain had to go through… Well maybe the fact that it is all about the importance of family… We can say it’s a Christmas Story.

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