Why the North Pond Hermit Hid From People for 27 Years


Got this link from Ankit’s FB post. Had a discussion with another friend yesterday on the meaningless pursuits of modern life. Also reading “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari where he explains why agriculture revolution was very bad for average people.

Chris Knight left because there was no good spot for him in this world. If you don’t fit in and you’re a murderer, they put you in jail. When you don’t fit in because of mental problems, there are other facilities for you. This is a guy who was extremely bright, but just did not fit in. Some people said, can’t we just give him a little bit of land and a few bags of groceries, and let him live peacefully?


Sometimes, when I’m driving in my car with my three kids fighting in the back and I’m late for an appointment, stuck in traffic and the radio is blaring bad news, a thought runs right through my heart and soul: It’s not Knight who’s crazy, it’s the rest of us. Maybe the operative question isn’t why Chris left society, but why the rest of us don’t.

The complete article

Simon Worrall — National Geographic

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