Make Like A Tree and Get Outta Here


In praise of trees.

Trees are also hosts for every other form of life. Their roots chew up the very crust, a process aided by microbes, and in doing so, trees remake continents. Their bark harbors fungus and lichen. Their branches and leaves shelter and feed insects, birds and mammals. Even now, when humans are capable of building machines that fly to Mars, we still use trees for shelter. We also cut them down and burn them for warmth. Some of us cut them down and bring them inside and festoon them, for a form of psychic warmth that lasts a few weeks and is the only reason I can tolerate December.

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Rebecca Boyle — The Last Word on Nothing

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One thought on “Make Like A Tree and Get Outta Here

  1. The mayans have a huge religious thing about the world tree concept. That it is attached to the human soul as well as the ascendance of the soul. American unfortunately still likes to chop down the big ugly things when they are on their property. I don’t know if it is a please the neighbor thing. Or part of the I am macho and can control nature and the wilderness deal. To me it is a annoying deal. I don’t get into nature like the gaia people but I can definitely sense an energy and a mesmerism about trees. Maybe there are even little leprechuans and gnomes hiding underneath! Hopefully no ANTIFA people!

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