How Seattle Fell Out of Love With Amazon


The article tries to bring issues from both the sides. Interesting read.

But now we know that, despite the millions that have flowed to local governments in the Seattle area from Amazon, that money isn’t believed to be enough to pay for all the problems the company’s growth caused. Constantine is saying Seattle will need much more of it if we want a chance to solve our housing shortage and public transit crisis. And that’s not happening: Since a senior Amazon executive told a tech conference that the Seattle region had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning HQ2, we’re going to have to admit that it’s really time to wean ourselves off our Amazon addiction.

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Carolyn Adolph — CityLab

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One thought on “How Seattle Fell Out of Love With Amazon

  1. I live in New York City and am not pretending to know the answer but in most urban locales, we have bureaucrats that love regulations. Unfortunately, we’ve been taught that the answer to everything is a regulation. Regulations means fees, fines and increases of what a city (state) residents are already doling out which are nothing more than taxes. They simply blur the lines by changing the name.

    The majority of money given never goes into the projects needed to improve those areas but the pockets of corrupt bureaucrats who want to tax us to death whether it’s raising rents, issuing summonses for the most ridiculous violations, fixing the infrastructure that never seems to get us to the point of “finally.”

    Bureaucrats blame it on the traffic but I can tell you that under Bill de Blasio, the same streets have been undergoing repairs since the man entered City Hall.

    The Belt Parkway is under the State which brings us to Andrew Cuomo. Do you know that they have been fixing the infrastructure on The Belt since 1980? Ditto that for our subway system which is not that damned big that 40 years later they’re still doing repairs.

    The promise of 50,000 jobs is what they use to get the citizens to go along. They did something similar to tamp down the attacks on the building of Brooklyn’s Barclay Center and invoked Jay-Z as part owner. In fact, Jay-Z only owned .01% but they left that little treasure out.

    Bottom line, rents in that area went up. Small businesses, homeowners, the poor and middle-class were evicted…literally from the area and the jobs promised never happened. A few “part-time” jobs but nothing else. It was a scandal, money and land grab and de Blasio’s tale of two cities turned out to be nothing more than “talking points.”

    Urban locales are big on money grabs and raising taxes for projects that a generation later are still not done but those governments would have us blame corporations who are not perfect but would fire someone in a New York minute if the endgame resulted in such a boondoggle.

    Bureaucrats and their bright ideas…sucks.

    As for the citizens, we must learn to look beyond the talking points and read the fine print not that collectivists give a damn.

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