Inferior Design: Do Our Offices Inspire Creativity or Express Uniformity?


Does your workplace inspire you?

I confess I’m no fan of the current conventions in creative office design – conventions now shared, with bigger budgets, by our Clients: the reclaimed wooden tables, the high chairs and industrial lighting; the brightly coloured walls and quirky shaped sofas; the suggestive neon words and slogans; the themed breakout areas and table football; the juice bar, coffee station and artisanal cookies; the beach-hut workstations, the meeting rooms named after Bowie songs; the climbing walls, playground slides and bouncy castles…

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2 thoughts on “Inferior Design: Do Our Offices Inspire Creativity or Express Uniformity?

  1. Fascinating stuff. It is very true that how you work is effected by your environment – not just the aesthetic, but the location as well. I have to move locations to a library in order to study properly – I simply cannot work well in my own room or house, regardless of quiet. Subconsciously (or consciously, I don’t know) I associate the change of location with a change of mindset from a ‘casual’ to ‘work’ attitude.

  2. It’s definitely interesting to consider the ideal workspace, though I think for many, the office is whatever the company wants, and home us whatever space is left after the essentials take their share.

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