What Is Prison Like for Women and Girls?


There are more than 200,000 women and girls incarcerated nationwide, a number that has increased by more than 700 percent since 1980. Men still make up the vast majority of inmates, but women in prison face unique challenges. Most are mothers. Prisons limit or charge money for basics like tampons and pads. Women are also more likely to be sexually assaulted, particularly by guards.

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Alysia Santo — The Marshall Project

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4 thoughts on “What Is Prison Like for Women and Girls?

  1. Interesting. The links in the Teen Vogue article lead to some interesting statistics, with sources. Apparently 1/3 of sexual abuse cases between guards and prisoners involve female convicts. Now, about the other 2/3…

  2. According to the DOJ Report Table 13: 2009-2011 there were 1,226 substantiated incidents of staff-on-inmate sexual abuse. Of the perpetrators, 51.5% were male, 48.5% female. Statistically even. Of the victims, about a third of males and two thirds of females were accosted by male staff, yet 92.7% of male victims were accosted by female staff. Note also that during this period, staff-on-inmate vs. inmate-on-inmate incidents were approximately equal – 49% to 51%.

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