Think before you donate to disasters


A different perspective to donations that you make towards disaster relief.

Donating to large international NGOs usually means that a lot of foreign relief aid will be imported into the affected countries. Most disasters, even the large scale ones are rather isolated. Flood and earthquake areas rarely extend over 10 km, and there will be local businesses which are open for business post disasters, but they will be excluded from relief by the international NGOs. Businesses in the foreign countries will be the ones who benefit from the disaster.

In the long run, these aids do affect the local economies adversely and your well-meaning donations will cause harm to the financial ecosystem. What’s worse is that some international organisations are managed off site in another country and bureaucracy may cause massive waste and inefficiencies.

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Robin Low — The Middle Ground

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3 thoughts on “Think before you donate to disasters

  1. This is all basically Agenda 21. Raising the General Electric Flag over Ramadi. The best illustration is an Anthony Bourdain episode he is in Haiti. And Haiti is still struggling. He is eating food and all of these kids are watching him and they are hungry. So Anthony Bourdain and his producers pay for a free meal for all of these people that are there at this diner he is eating at. Within minutes this act of goodwill turns into violence. People fighting for a place in line. People fighting for food. People just fighting. And then Anthony Bourdain and his producers are shaking their heads and wondering what they did wrong.
    It’s enevitable. That’s when you believe you are doing the right thing.

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