Music is not a drug that incapacitates the listener and produces a predictable result. A whole lifetime spent listening to Bach will not automatically make a woman love God. And – despite the warning of two generations of moralists – a lifetime listening to the Rolling Stones will not make a man fornicate. Particular kinds of music may express things that appeal to the listener, and the listener may select a particular kind of music because he finds that it resonates with his own pre-musical emotional condition, but the music itself can never cause the listener to act. Action is a function always of the will, and while music may prod, and it may suggest, it cannot force. We must indeed pay the piper, but we always choose the tune and decide whether or not to dance.

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Michael Linton — Future Symphony Institute

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One thought on “THE MOZART EFFECT

  1. You can’t go wrong with Mozart. Or Bach. Or Beethoven. Our culture has really degenerated. I don’t understand. We have billions more people on the planet but it seems like we are at least 10,000 years way from producing another Mozart. I am just learning about this. I learned today that Descartes was supposedly a fraud and Gottfried Leibniz called him out on it. Descartes was the guy “I think therefore I am” person. Well if you want to get rid of Jehovah’s witnesses that come to your door tell them that you love the bible! Tell them that you love their bible too. And show them a copy of Leibniz discourse on Metaphysics and try to make them keep a copy of it. I guarantee that works to get rid of annoying Jehovah’s witnesses. Mozart’s Jupiter Concerto always helps me when I am in a crummy mood.

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