A Mark Zuckerberg Presidency Isn’t Ridiculous—It’s Terrifying


Another needull on Mark Zuckerberg’s potential run for presidency. I don’t necessarily agree with the article but important issues are to be discussed.

Trump’s hate-mongering and vulgarity are likely to make whoever occupies the White House after him seem innocuous by comparison, but a Zuckerberg presidency would be dangerous in far more subtle ways. The benign public face of the Obama administration masked an unprecedented program of privacy invasion and surveillance, all carried out in the alleged interests of “national security.” Who’s to say whether “innovation” and “fresh thinking” under a Zuckerberg administration wouldn’t serve as euphemisms for an even broader campaign of observation and analysis, implemented not just to protect us from enemies abroad, but to surreptitiously shape and manage our society at home? If we do find Zuckerberg tossing his hat in the ring come 2020, we should take care to remember what he built at Facebook—and, more importantly, how—and ask ourselves whether elevating a quasi-progressive boy genius is worth the significant costs to our privacy and our freedom.

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Jake Bittle – The Nation

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7 thoughts on “A Mark Zuckerberg Presidency Isn’t Ridiculous—It’s Terrifying

  1. Could not view complete article – rec’d. online threatening notice about questionable security certificate. This is second time I have received such a notice when trying to connect to the complete article to which you reply. What is going on here?

  2. Hi, thanks for letting me know. Generally I recommend good articles only from well known and reliable websites. I did not face this issue. I will recheck.

  3. I had no issue, either.

    I wonder why someone who runs a company thinks that running a country is the same?
    And why people who vote seem to think the same?

    Don’t you think that after the Trump administration people will be more wary of CEOs with no experience of politics running for office?

    By the way, I have no rights, really to comment as I’m a British citizen, but then, the US has such power that it affects us all, one way or another.

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