10 Extremely Precise Words for Emotions You Didn’t Even Know You Had


Normally, I would not recommend lists. But, then one-off exceptions are okay if the content is so good.

Torschlusspanik: Life is passing you by. The deadline’s approaching. The train’s a-comin’. Literally translated from German, torschlusspanik means “gate-closing panic,” a word to summarize that fretful sensation of time running out. It may serve you well, when experiencing this panicky emotion, to hesitate before allowing it to spur you toward impulsivity, and call to mind the German idiom Torschlusspanik ist ein schlechter Ratgeber— that is, “Torschlusspanik is a bad adviser.”

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Melissa Dahl — Science of Us

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One thought on “10 Extremely Precise Words for Emotions You Didn’t Even Know You Had

  1. Although I have been writing for over thirty years, I subscribe to Dictionary.com’s Word A Day. They send it to my email and I have found a great deal of inspiration and new language to be used. I especially like words in other languages that express something I can’t find in my own. Thanks for this one,


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