What Life Is Like After a Life Sentence


Today’s needull looks at life of a man who served 33 years in prison. How does he cope in a world which has changed so much in 33 years?

His time in prison did little to prepare him for a career. While he was locked up, Alabama spent less on inmates than almost any other state, and though the understaffed prison had computer classes and trade programs, Elston wasn’t eligible because of his life sentence. “I really don’t actually feel free,” he says. “It seems like everything that I try to do, you know, I run into a brick wall, because I’m not advanced with the way things is today. ”

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2 thoughts on “What Life Is Like After a Life Sentence

  1. So saddening, you have some people that get out of jail/ prison and really do want to change their life around, but if they don’t have the resources then they’re stuck.

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