Why We Need to Kick Incivility Out of the Office


Most of us would have had a supervisor or a colleague who was just plain nasty. And you would also remember the unnecessary stress these characters added to the work environment. Today’s needull is a discussion with Christine Porath, author of “Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace”.

Knowledge@Wharton: Is part of what’s leading to these changes the fact that HR departments are coming to understand that they need to hire not just excellent workers but also excellent people, and that culture fit really needs to be a key component when they add people to an organization?

Porath: I think that’s exactly right. There’s been some really great research coming out of Harvard that has shown that one toxic worker is much more costly than two superstars. The idea is that it really pays to recruit and select well, and that’s probably the place where I’d encourage leaders in organizations to invest in the most. That’s where I think they get the biggest return. Because unfortunately, again, this stuff spreads. If you select someone who is toxic, it’s not only going to probably affect their coworkers, it’s also going to infest the organization.

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