America and the World Are at a Crossroads


The “end of history” that [Francis] Fukuyama contemplated as the Cold War was winding down seems in retrospect to be something of a quaint dream. Instead of the democratic peace that many thought so possible, it is looking more like a dim and distant hope. Populism is clearly on the march, here in the United States and across the globe. Many of the certainties of even the recent past seem much less so now. Including the idea of the United States maintaining a leadership role in the world.

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Andrew R. Hoehn — Rand

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One thought on “America and the World Are at a Crossroads

  1. Seem like it was a good speech. I’ve thought for some time now that Fukuyama’s predictions seem absolutely laughable in retrospect – even somewhat arrogant. History seems to have proven him quite wrong.

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