More people than ever before are single – and that’s a good thing


This is for my single friends and specially for those who have decided to stay single for life. This needull makes some valid points on why some people deciding to stay single is actually good for the society.

In some significant ways, it’s the single people who are doing particularly well.

For example, people with more diversified relationship portfolios tend to be more satisfied with their lives. In contrast, the insularity of couples who move in together or get married can leave them vulnerable to poorer mental health.

Studies have shown that people who stay single develop more confidence in their own opinions and undergo more personal growth and development than people who marry. For example, they value meaningful work more than married people do. They may also have more opportunities to enjoy the solitude that many of them savor.

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Bella DePaulo — The Conversation

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3 thoughts on “More people than ever before are single – and that’s a good thing

  1. I definitely agree with the idea of building a circle that includes “family by choice”, though I would also like to find a long-term partner. I think it’s rather regrettable that we dedicate so much of our time and energy to “taking care of business”. For the moment it’s necessary, but hopefully that can change over time.

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