The story of a biohacker


Gut flora is complex community of microorganisms that reside in our body. The relationship between us and the microbes residing inside us are of mutualistic one. We both benefit out of each other. The composition of gut bacteria is heavily dependent upon our diet and overall health and also, its not same in every people. There has been an increasing evidence that these bacteria some how also connects to human brain and control feelings like depression and anxiety.

Is it possible to change that microbial layer to suit to our desire ? Could it be an effective alternative to gastric bypass surgery ? Could it help us win war against obesity ? Dear readers, I present to you an enthralling story of a man, who replaced his gut flora with somebody else’s because he thought his was broken one.

Zayner imagines the collection of organisms that live on him — his microbiome — as a suit. As such, it can be worn, mended, and replaced. The suit he was living with, he said, was faulty, leaving him with severe gastrointestinal pain. A new suit could solve all that. “You kind of are who you are, to a certain extent,” he said. “But with your bacteria, you can change that.”

Gut bacteria has been shown to influence what a person eats and Michael, Zayner’s friend-turned-stool-donor, has a serious sweet tooth: he can consume an entire a box of Oreos in one sitting. Before the transplant, Zayner was never one for cookies. “Now I crave them,” he said.

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Image Source – Huffington Post

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