What The Job!!!

Let’s admit, most of us are in ‘meaningless jobs’. The value that we are adding is not worth the time, effort and paycheck that it garners. Sometimes, this feeling of ‘not being valuable enough’ and the purposelessness of all of this charade catches on us but most of the times, we just follow the herd. However, it’s time we stop being forced robots and assign our meaningless work to actual robots, and have meaningful education to perform meaningful jobs.

When we’ll be able to escape this cycle of meaningless jobs will we actually uncover our true potential. It’s high time and I sincerely hope the Needull below inspires you (and me) to do the same.

It starts with an age-old question: what is the meaning of life? Most people would say the meaning of life is to make the world a little more beautiful, or nicer, or more interesting. But how? These days, our main answer to that is: through work.

Our definition of work, however, is incredibly narrow. Only the work that generates money is allowed to count toward GDP. Little wonder, then, that we have organized education around feeding as many people as possible in bite-size flexible parcels into the employment establishment. Yet what happens when a growing proportion of people deemed successful by the measure of our knowledge economy say their work is pointless?

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World Economic Forum – Rutger Bregman

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3 thoughts on “What The Job!!!

  1. There are no meaningless jobs. We are all little cogs in a big wheel. The trouble is in today’s world everyone wants a degree and in truth while they have the education (debatable) most (in my experience as a manager) lacked common sense. In the end I refused to recruit graduates because they had no staying power. They wanted instant gratification as far as job satisfaction was concerned. They were not prepared to learn on the job becuase they ‘knew it all’ 🙂

    As for the meaning of life? Make the most of what you have. The grass always SEEMs greener but if it is, it is down to the fact the owner has nurtured his grass. And rather than moaning about a lawn full of weeds he has got off his butt and done something about it 🙂

    Work can be just be the means to an end but if you embrace it and work on the positives the smallest task can be enjoyed.

  2. Agree with your views on work. We need to learn to appreciate the work we do. And any work done sincerely makes it more enjoyable.

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