The Blerch

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 07.30.41


On a wintery Sunday morning your alarm goes off. Its 6 am. You are supposed to get out of bed and go to gym(or run, or substitute anything that you do to keep yourself fit). But then you hear some voices. “You can always go to gym…. later in the day. Just sleep for now in the comfort of your bed and duvet. You have earned it…“. Lie. Deep down you know this won’t work. It had never worked. But still you give in.  Dear Readers, have you ever had that feeling ? Mathew Inman calls these voices as Blerch.

I present to you a cartoon strip from theoatmeal, The terrible & wonderful reasons why I run long distances.  I hope you enjoy it.

Mathew Inman is a very talented cartoonist who has uncanny knack of personifying these abstract ideas in a very humorous form. I will be in future, posting a lot more of his work because some of them are just epic.



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