The Family Man


Now, that Trump has been thoroughly analyzed by all kinds of newspapers and news channels, the focus is shifting to his son-in-law Jared Kushner. What kind of person is he? How does he decide? Where do his loyalties lie?

He grew up in a fiercely loyal clan that flourished in large part because it understood that city councilmen and big-league developers made good bedfellows. Sometimes that coziness went too far: In 2005, Charles Kushner pleaded guilty to 18 counts of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering. (He’d attempted to blackmail his sister by hiring a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, who was planning to deliver incriminating evidence to a judge in federal district court.) Charles was dealt a two-year prison sentence, just more than half of which he served. Jared, then in his mid-20s, traveled to Alabama every week to see his father in federal prison.

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Katy Waldman — Slate

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